Why I Love The Perfect Pucker!

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Shelly Cronin

Friday May 15, 2009

My first purchase of this product line was the Fresh Natural Body Butter and the Honey Almond Body Scrub and I LOVE THEM. The scents are yummy but not over-powering and they leave your skin feeling soft but not greasy. Thanks Valencia!

Shelby Ruebens

Wednesday April 1, 2009

I recently ordered the strawberry lip balm and the body scrub and am very pleased with the products! The flavor of the lip balm was sweet and not overwhelming as some lip balms tend to be! The body scrub made my skin so soft and the scent was fantastic!

Debbie Baker

Thursday March 12, 2009

Im extremely impressed with the quality of your products, Valencia! Im only sorry it took me so long to place an order! I remember when you started researching and experimenting with different combinations for a natural product. You definitely got it right! My favorite product, which was hard to pick because I love them all, is the Lemon Twist Aromatherapy Lip Exfoliate. It leaves my lips smoother, fuller and smells yummy! Im also extremely proud of you for going after what you believe in and turning your creative thoughts into a marketable product!


Thursday February 26, 2009

I recently bought a few lip balms... mint julep is my absolute favorite. Leaves my lips soft and smooth, with wonderful scents. My daughter has now taken them from me, so I guess I will be ordering more!! Love it, and can't wait to own the rest of the products.


Monday February 16, 2009

I bought the Lip Remedy last week and I love it. My lips fell soft a smooth already. The Lip Remedy is a great product.

JoEllyn Reid

Tuesday November 18, 2008

I have several of the body scrubs and it is just AMAZING how soft my skin feels. I absolutely LOVE this stuff! AWESOME Valencia!


Thursday November 6, 2008

I bought the body scrub and let me tell you, it did wonders for my feet! They are so smooth and soft! And the scrub itself smells amazing! I would recommend this product again and again. Thank-you!!

Erika Barnes

Monday October 27, 2008

I LOVE your body scrub! The salt/sugar mix is nice and fine for extra exfoliation without being too harsh. I've used the Body Shop's scrubs before and yours is SO much better! Thanks again.

Lisa Wiltrout

Wednesday October 22, 2008

I first started using Perfect Pucker products in December of 2007. My mom bought me the lip scrub and lib balm. I was hooked at that point. I now own almost every flavor of lip balm and I'm excited to order some body scrubs at my Perfect Party next month. Love the stuff... V-.

Ashley Blankenship

Tuesday June 10, 2008

Hi, it's me! I love your products! YAY!